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Lacrosse Gear Essentials for Beginners
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Lacrosse Gear Essentials for Beginners

Starting lacrosse? Here's all you need to know about the gear, what's essential, and what's not.
Equipment You Need:
  1. Lacrosse Stick
  2. Lacrosse Head
  3. Gloves
  4. Cleats
  5. Protective Gear (Elbows, Chest Piece)
  6. Helmet
Now, let's break down what to consider when choosing your gear.


Lacrosse Stick: The MVP

Your lacrosse stick is your most crucial gear. There are various materials, brands, lengths, and prices to choose from. Start with an affordable option and adapt as you gain experience. Remember, different positions require different stick lengths:

  • Defense: Long pole.
  • Middies/Attack/Goalies: Short pole.

Sticks wear down, so expect to replace them. High school players often go through 1-2 sticks per season.


Heads: More Than Meets the Eye

Heads come in many varieties, but the stringing matters most. It's okay to start with a pre-made head, but you'll want a custom stringing later. Stringing affects your throw, so explore your preferences over time.
For quality sticks and heads, check out Salty Lacrosse.


Gloves: Wear and Tear

Gloves are not positional, and most leagues don't care about them. They'll wear out and get holes, so consider buying last year's models on sale.


Cleats: Any Will Do

You don't need specialized "lacrosse cleats." Any cleats, except metal-tipped ones, are fine. Make sure they comply with league rules.


Protective Gear: Your Choice

Elbow and chest pads vary based on personal preference. Offensive players might prefer larger elbow pads for more protection, while defensive players opt for more mobility with elbow caps. These items last for years. Ensure your chest piece is NOCSAE-certified for safety. Check for the stamp or tab on the
shoulder pads.
Lacrosse Gear

Helmets: Dress Code and More

High schools often have dress code requirements. Consult your coach before buying. Youth lacrosse helmets usually last your entire career. Consider buying gently-used helmets on platforms like Sideline Swap for cost savings.



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